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These 75 minute yoga classes give you the opportunity to experience a creative and well-structured yoga flow combined with breath awareness as well as a longer guided relaxation. The classes are based on Hatha yoga taught by our experienced and passionate teachers. These classes are mat based and variations are offered according to needs. Regular body practice may lead to body awareness, more flexibility and strength, balanced mind, less stress and increased level of happiness. The classes are taught in a friendly and welcoming environment. Class size is kept to a maximum of 12 to ensure individual needs are looked after.

Term 1 starts 5th February and costs $140 for the 10 week term.

Term 2 starts the 23rd April and costs $140 for the 10 week term.

Payment is due at the start of each term.

Casual attendance cost $16 per session.

The class is run by certified teachers, members of Yoga Australia.

Day Classes are Tuesdays from 9.30am to 10.45am for Gentle Yoga.
Night Classes are Tuesdays from 7.00pm to 8.15pm for General Yoga.