Providing a Safe Place to meet people

About Us

The Vermont Uniting Church began the Vermont Community Centre in 2003 after discovering that many people in the Vermont are did not know their next door neighbours and this does not create a good community.

Since that time the Community Centre has run many programs from Computer Courses, Camera Club through to Exercise groups and Walking Groups.

The entire Centre is self funded and apart from a Grant from the State Government to extend the Men’s Shed there has been no external funding.

The Centre is run by volunteers with the exception of a part time Coordinator who works 10 hours per week.

The center now provides support to disable people through Harrison Unitingcare, Each and Yooralla and this support is in the area of space for activities and accommodation on site. Without this work many people with disabilities could not be involved with these valuable programs.

The Community Centre is a non-religious activity of the Uniting Church although religious services are available but at  the request of the client.

The aim of the Community Centre is to provide a Safe place to meet other people in a non-threatening protected environment where all are treated equally.